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+MoreBaby Diaper Machine

HC-DP Baby diaper p

Desc:.Touch screen for man-machine conversation;

HC-WB Big waist ban

Desc:.Safety doors equipped at the operating side.

HC-DP-FS Full Servo

Desc:1.designed speed: 550pcs/min 2.practical speed:400-500pcs/min 3.installed

+MoreToilet Roll Making Machine

HC-PU Automatic sin

Desc:.Servo motor driving, upper and lower belt pinch feeding, ensuring precise f

HC-SK Diapers stack

Desc:Automatic stacker, the products will stack automatically, auto counting, com

HC-TS with Perforat

Desc:1.Industrial roll in toilet of public place 2.High density knife

HC-TR Semi Auto Toi quality for paper product 2.low power consumption

+MoreFacial Tissue Machine

HC-VT Vacuum Mini T

Desc:1.stable production capacity 2.PLC touch screen 3.embossing and color prin

HC-L Automatic Faci

Desc:1.V-folding type 2.brand components 3.large production capacity

+MoreNapkin Paper Machine

HC-NP Napkin paper

Desc:1.Easy and simple to handle 2.The Folding Speed:600pcs/min 3.Type: Paper F

+MoreLog Saw Machine

HC-LS Automatic Log

Desc:1.Auto cutting toilet paper roll 2.High accuracy of grinding

+MorePaper Cup Machine

HC-PC Paper Cup Mac

Desc:1.Forming speed:70-85 pcs/min 2.sealing system is adopted ultrasonic sealin

+MoreRoll Core Machine

HC-RC-A Automatic R

Desc:1.Processing speed: 20 m/min 2.excellent reliable quality 3.core dia.:30-8

+MorePackig Machine

HC-TT Toilet paper

Desc:Production process is controlled by PLC.

HC-PM-C Automatic t

Desc:Multi-function, for packing of tissue roll, the items on the conveyor belt a

HC-SPP Semi Auto po

Desc:1.production capacity:3-25bag/min 2.power:800w 3.weight:230kg

HC-APP Automatic Po

Desc:1.width of packing mateial:a116;b.150 2.packing material:PE 3.progamming co

+MoreSealing Machine

HC-SM Semi auto ban

Desc:.Match with embossing re-winder and pouching machine.

HC-PS Plastic Bag S

Desc:1.PLC Touch-screen 2.packing speed: 8-12bag/min

HC-BS Box Sealing M

Desc:1.Security, close protection design 2.lightweight and durable, easy to oper

+MoreBand Saw Slitting Machine

HC-SM Band Saw Slit

Desc:1.flexible and safe operation 2.stable running performance 3.high producti

+Moremask machine

+MoreSanitary Napkin Machine

HC-SN Sanitary napk

Desc:Touch screen for man-machine conversation;

HC-PL-FS Full Servo

Desc:1.Servo motor driving with PLC control 2.speed:300-350pcs/min

HC-SN-FS Full Servo

Desc:1.PLC and Touch screen control 2.Running Speed:600-800pcs/min

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